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 Light Meters

Important Notice: Customers who have purchased the Sekonic RT-32CTL that has serial numbers from JQ7D 100001 to 103000, and that are using them in Canada, require a replacement product label. The label currently attached to the chip has not been approved by Industry Canada. Please contact DayMen Customer Service and we will provide you with an approved label for you to attach to your RT-32CTL radio.


Sekonic offers the world’s first exposure meters with Digital Wireless Freedom. This new and exciting technology offers the advantages of digital radio communication between exposure meters, cameras, flash units and PocketWizards.

What is Digital Wireless Freedom? And why is it important to you? It’s a new way of working where all of your photographic equipment communicates together, wirelessly, so photographers can work smarter, not harder.

Warranty Terms:
CINE Meters – 3 years
All Other Products – 1 year

Product Info:
Please visit the Sekonic website for detailed product information: website

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